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Step into the timeless charm of the 1940s with this Danish Cardigan Jumper knitting pattern! Adorned with puffed sleeves and a fitted waist, the original design suggestion features a captivating colour palette: the back and back of the sleeves showcase rustic red with cream spots, while the lower front and sleeves boast a delightful blue with cream spots. The yoke and upper sleeves come to life in creamy elegance, embellished with intricate blue and rustic red embroideries of birds and stars. Complete the look with 13 silver buttons for a touch of vintage glamour. The pattern includes and chart for the Swiss Darning of the bird motifs and star embroideries.  Ready to knit your way to a bygone era?


Bust: 38 to 40 inches


Original Yarn  suggestion and needle size info:   

6 oz 4 Ply Wool in Rustic Red

6 oz 4 Ply Wool in Blue ( if splitting the front and back colours on sleeves and bodices)

3 oz 4 Ply Wool in Cream 

No. 11 Needles (3.00 mm) 

No. 9 Needles (3.75 mm)



20 stitches and 8 rows in plain knitting is 2 3⁄4 inches in width


The original yarn may not be available due to the age of the pattern.  Select yarn that is closest to the weight of the original yarn.


When reworking the pattern it is best to knit a tension swatch with your chosen yarn. To get the correct measurements, your tension must be the same as stated in the pattern. 


Happy Knitting!


The Workbasket Vintage Patterns xx

1940s Danish Cardigan Jumper

  • You are buying a restored, recoloured and reformatted DIGITAL COPY of the original knitting pattern only. It is NOT the original pattern or finished product.  Your PDF will be available to download once payment is confirmed.


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