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Stay warm and look glamorous.

If you're a modern gal with a vintage flair and like to recreate beautiful knitwear from the past, you've come to the right place. We are sure you'll adore our selection of vintage knitting patterns from decades past.


At The Workbasket Vintage Patterns, we offer beautifully restored copies of knitting patterns from the 1920s to the 1950s. All knitting patterns for sale are from our private collection of original vintage knitting patterns.


Our digital knitting patterns have been restored, colourised and redesigned into fabulous PDF ebooks to help you knit the most perfect woolly.


The Workbasket Vintage Knitting Pattern PDF ebook will be available to download after purchase.  Sign up for our newsletter to get updates to our weekly New Arrivals collection.

Doris Cardigan 20-CAR-LON-PAT-234A ©2022
Our Knitting Patterns

At THE WORKBASKET VINTAGE PATTERNS, we provide our loyal knitters with a broad assortment of DIGITAL COPIES of our vintage knitting and crocheting patterns. Our beautifully restored and colourised knitting patterns will keep you coming back to discover our weekly New Arrivals.

Begonia Jumper 30-JUM-SHO-SUM-P11 ©2022
Faye Jumper And Bolero Set 40-JUM-BOL-LAV-931 ©2022
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Vintage Patterns From 1920s to 1950s